Sandorn is an independent financial service provider and asset management company.

Three Guiding principles define the way we work

Integrity – We believe that integrity makes a difference. Whilst integrity is part of our nature it is especially important as we regularly operate in the late stage crises environments and situations which are characterized by doubtful values. Moreover we see integrity as key in our asset manager activities where we strongly believe that it is not enough only to define the right strategy but to employ the right means to achieve the right goals.

Intellectual Accuracy and Precision – We have a diligent approach to what we do. This is manifested in exhaustive research, strategy definition and intensive programming. Attention to detail, accuracy, precision and intellectual expertise is a hallmark of our services and asset management activities.

Personal Commitment – We consider that a key aspect of the success of our engagements both for third parties and in principal investments is not to compromise on endurance and diligence. Our team is fully dedicated and motivated to adding value for our clients and to growing Sandorn.